Epic Kayaks' new V5 is now available in Performance and Ultra (27.5 lbs) as well as Rotomold plastic.  A 14' surfski with a 23.6" beam weighing only 46lbs. Designed with the shorter leg paddler in mind, it fits paddlers from 4'10" to 6'7".  It features the Epic bailer, soft and hard hatch covers, and surfski rudders with the option for an over-stern kick up rudder. It also has a carbon fiber footboard system that provides excellent leg drive and quick adjustment, side, bow, and stern handles, and a water bottle holder.  MSRP $1445

Epic Kayaks' new V8 Prois designed with a slightly lower "hump" appreciated by shorter leg paddlers and fits paddlers from 4'10" to 6'7".  It is sized between the V8 and V10 Sport to allow V8 paddlers to take the next step for a significant performance gain.  Available in Performance or Ultra layup.

WOW!!  The new Epic  V8 Double is amazing!  The Ultra is only 39 lbs--for a DOUBLE!  One person can easily paddle this 22' x 22.4" boat in either the front seat (with the rudder) or the back!  The front fits paddlers 5'0" to 6'7" and the rear cockpit paddlers from 4'10" to 6'7".   Available in Performance or Ultra layup.

Epic Kayak's new 18X Double.  New for 2017 The 18X Double includes adjustable seats and footboards for both paddlers, a kickup rudder which can also be uphauled when needed, and bow/stern carry handles. For storage, it features large bow and stern storage hatches with generous capacity, a large day hatch, as well as two easily accessible small stowage compartments forward of each paddler which can be accessed on the move. These features make the Epic 18X Double the perfect expedition, long distance, or day touring kayak. (Not available for demo.)

The hot new V8 Pro and V8 Double are here!  Schedule a demo.

Epic announces the 18X Double.

Demo Epic Kayaks and Paddles

Designed by World Champions

Brian is the Epic Expert for the Baltimore/Washington area. 

All the kayaks, surf skis and paddles displayed in the pictures on this page are available for demo. 

Why Epic Kayaks are Superior

1.  Full Waterline Length. Nearly the full length of an Epic kayak is in the water for maximum efficiency.

2.  Swede Form Shape. A smooth entry into the water and a close efficient stroke with better stability.

3.  Advanced Rocker Profile.  Optimized for superb handling in all water conditions.

4.  Front Deck Cutaways.  Efficient catch at the start of every stroke.

5.  Integrated Thigh Braces. Paddlers can lock in for rough water or keep their knees centered for more efficiency and power.

6.  Advanced Steering System. The stern pivots directing flow. A solid foot brace allows legs to power the stroke while steering with the toes.

7.  Adjustable Seat.  Fine tune the cockpit position for maximum efficiency and personal comfort.

8.  Lightweight, High Tech Materials. Noticeably lighter than the competition. Strong, durable, lightweight materials using a sandwich core construction and a stronger,

     specially formulated epoxy resin.

9.  Vacuum Infusion with Heat Cure. Epoxy resin is infused into our kayaks under full vacuum to produce Epic's signature high strength and lightweight standards. Epics

     are post-cured at elevated temperatures to create the strongest and lightest kayaks on the market.