Bay Kayaking Teaching at the Kiptopeke Symposium

Registration for the 7th Annual Kiptopeke Symposium (Sept 15 - 17, 2017) is now open. Register before June 15 and save $25! All the course descriptions and registration information is here:

Bay Kayaking's Performance Paddling

Performance Paddling is the art and science of maximizing efficiency, especially in the forward stroke. Efficiency increases speed, adds endurance, and reduces fatigue compared to poor technique.

This three hour course is meant for those who already paddle well but would like to be more efficient but is also great for beginners who want to start out efficiently. The course is a culmination of Brian's 19 years of teaching and racing experience.  The course also includes the latest drills and techniques developed by Oscar Chalupsky, 12 time World Open Ocean Champion.   The price is $50 payable on site (cash or check).  3 person minimum, 10 max.

The class will follow a free demonstration of Epic wing paddles and surf skis.

Please note the Hooes Run location is a private community ramp with no launch fee, but no amenities either.  Google Map  
(Go to the end of the road)

Payment will be accepted on site cash or check (no credit cards)
The Hooes Run location is a private community ramp with no ramp fees, but no amenities either. ("Go" before arriving)

Bay Kayaking's Epic Demos

Bay Kayaking and Epic Kayaks will provide a FREE introduction and demo of wing paddles and Surf Skis open to everyone at Hooes Run Ramp (same location at the Performance Paddling class). 

Epic Kayaks uses the most modern designs, construction methods and materials available. That is why they are the choice of most racers and how they created the fastest, most efficient kayaks in the world.

Wing paddles are the newest and most efficient design of paddles available, but you don't see as many of them as Euro paddles. Why? Because people simply don't know about wing paddles. Its time to get in the know! Come learn the difference and how it can make you more efficient.

Surf skis are faster with less effort than even Epic kayaks, which are far more efficient than traditional and British designs. Are you interested in a sit on top, but want to be able to keep up with the sea kayaks? Want to go faster, farther and easier? Try out the stable and the fast surf skis and compare them to Epic’s sit-inside kayaks.

The Hooes Run location is a private community ramp with no ramp fees, but no amenities either.

Schedule a Custom Demo! 

Epic Demos are free at the Lake Ridge Marina in Woodbridge, VA.  Schedule one for yourself today and try out the best designs in sea kayaking!  Simply use the Contact Form