Non-Epic Touring Paddles

Lightning Full Carbon, 1-piece shaft 220, not under warranty. $200.

Werner Kallist (Low Angle) , 2 Piece 220, not under warranty. $300 MSRP $400
Epic Wing Paddles

Sorry, None Available

Epic Paddles

All Epic paddles are adjustable for length and any feather angle.  Touring paddles are available in hybrid (30 oz. MSRP $279) or Full Carbon (24 oz. MSRP $449).  The award winning Wing paddles are available in Club Carbon (26oz. MSRP $369) or Full Carbon (24oz. MSRP $449).  Shaft options are blue (stiffest), burgundy (lightest & medium flex), and green (strongest & most flexible).  We have a few discontinued Signature Hybrid (25oz. MSRP $349) paddles.  All paddles include a custom paddle case, except push buttons.  Paddles are either close-outs or used so Epic's warranty does not apply.  Contact us to order any new paddle from Epic, with full warranties.

On occasion we obtain discontinued or reduced items, or sell our demo products.  When we do, you will find them here.
Epic Touring Paddles

Sorry, None Available