Non-Epic Touring Paddles

Lightning Full Carbon, 1-piece shaft 220, not under warranty. $200.

Werner Kallista (Low Angle) , 2 Piece 220, not under warranty. $300 MSRP $400
Epic Wing Paddles

Sorry, None Available

Epic Paddles

All Epic paddles are adjustable for length and any feather angle.  Touring paddles are available in hybrid (30 oz. MSRP $279) or Full Carbon (24 oz. MSRP $449).  The award winning Wing paddles are available in Club Carbon (26oz. MSRP $369) or Full Carbon (24oz. MSRP $449).  Shaft options are blue (stiffest), burgundy (lightest & medium flex), and green (strongest & most flexible).  We have a few discontinued Signature Hybrid (25oz. MSRP $349) paddles.  All paddles include a custom paddle case, except push buttons.  Paddles are either close-outs or used so Epic's warranty does not apply.  Contact us to order any new paddle from Epic, with full warranties.

Epic Surf Skis and Kayaks

V-10 Ultra with Epic Bailer.  Current model,Very good condition, light mileage 2015.  27 lbs! Asking $2,500.  MSRP $3,895 

V-14 Ultra with Anderson BailerSelling for a customer.  Very good condition, light mileage 2013.  26.5 lbs Asking $2,000.  MSRP $3,895

On occasion we obtain discontinued or reduced items, or sell our demo products.  When we do, you will find them here.
Epic Touring Paddles

Sorry, None Available